Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bolt Action Panther WIP 2

The Panther is coming along nicely. I had some trouble with the spare tracks, but I think some dark washes will smooth them out a bit. The barrel of the gun needs to be reworked as well. Oil stains, and some more mud stains are still needed for the hull. I was thinking about trying to make tiny foliage branches for the model, but that might distract from the painting too much.

Will this model ever see the table top? Probably not. I do have a 'new' winter German force to paint that will eventually end up used for gaming. Most of my WW2 games are 1/72 scale these days, but I have a substantial backlog of 28mm models in the back log.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bolt Action Panther WIP 1

I've had this resin Panther G sitting in my drawer for a long time, and figured it was time. Unlike most of Bolt Action forces, I wanted to weather this guy with paint chipping solution. So after carefully spraying on a whole lot of variable rust colors,  I sprayed on three heavy coats of Mig absolute chipping. However, when it came time to chip the top layer of paint away I couldn't get it to work. I don't know what caused the paint to become un-chippable, but after using this same solution on both Death Guard vehicles, I was pretty confident in my technique. What you see on the model here is chipping done by hand. It is no where near as interesting as that which is caused naturally, but I can't leave the tank un-chipped.

I haven't decided if I want to add some kind of camouflage to the Panther, or if I should just heavily weather this guy. I was thinking about using a green squiggly pattern, or potentially hard edged green camo. A hard edge would allow me to try paint chipping solution again. That is somewhat desirable, but I wonder what it would look like to have both chipping effects side by side.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Full Of SH#$

My opinion of Donald Trump. I think the turd came out pretty well. Even if you disagree with my politics, you must admit that black paint is pretty awesome!

Four Hours In

I am a little over four hours into the model at this point, but I think I might have achieved what I wanted to with the model. I paint for my own enjoyment, and I think that means this model is done for now. A good splattering of gore would improve it, but that should wait until I firmly decide that I am finished.